November Notes

As I write this, I am alternately dabbing at my nose with a Kleenex, sipping camomile tea from a teacup and squeezing my sinuses with my fingers.

Welcome November. We’re off to a great start, then.

Good thing November is – I have always considered anyway – a quieter month. It’s a month for reflection (11 November). For many Pear Tree readers it’s also a month for giving thanks (25 November). And it is a month of transition, as we adapt to steadily dropping temperatures and brace ourselves for the flurry of activity that comes with December.

We hope to feed those quiet moments in your schedule (chilly evenings in front of the computer screen, curled up with a plush throw and a cup of something warm, I imagine) with warm and reflective stories.

A couple that I’m especially excited about are a story on a period-style photographer, a local jewellery making duo that makes personalized pendants, and a recipe for comfort food by our food writer, Darcie Hossack.

Speaking of Darcie, if you haven’t checked out her new book, Mennonites Don’t Dance, yet, I want to encourage you to click the button to the right. Her book of 11 short stories is just the thing for a quiet November read.

And for those who are looking for something unique in the lead-up to Christmas, check out our sponsor Public Bone. Artist Lori Mairs makes amazing shed antler jewellery that really is one-of-a-kind, and just plain stunning.

We also have a new button – the red one, emblazoned with “Bloggin’ Okanagan 2011.” Plans are under way for a full day conference with an uber cool keynote speaker next fall, and you can stay up-to-date by checking our brand new, just revealed Bloggin’ Okanagan website! It’s Bookmark it. Or just follow the link to your right.

Well, that about does it for me. Time to go open a new box of tissue and garb myself in flannel before crawling under the goosedown. I hope your November is off to a healthier start!

– Words and photo by Lori-Anne Poirier

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