Tales of The Mother Load

Ever cry while folding old baby clothes into a give-away box? Summon your last ounce of grace while being bitten and kicked and scratched by a three-year-old? Admitted a new respect for your mom and the things you put her through?

Welcome to the wild world of motherhood, defined by author Lori-Anne Poirier as “the most blessed, hilarious, frustrating, daunting and rewarding of adventures.”

After a decade of interviewing rock stars, television personalities, politicians and criminal investigators as a freelance journalist, Lori-Anne switched gears after having kids, to write about the smaller moments in her own life.

From trying to keep snap-up pyjamas on a child who has just discovered how to unsnap things, to discovering beauty in a beat-up tabletop, Lori-Anne shares some of her most cherished anecdotes and prized epiphanies as a mom.

She also relates how her eyes were re-opened to a lot of living that had been discarded on her journey through adulthood: Simple pleasures, such as puddle jumping or the wisdom of Winnie-the-Pooh. Looking at the world as her son and daughter must see it has brought back some of the excitement and adventure that she and – she argues – the majority of adults have lost to the pressures of work, bills and expectations to “act your age.”

It’s a book about laughter, forgiveness, sacrifice, living deliberately and just getting through the day.

It’s life, it’s love. It’s Tales of The Mother Load.


Lori-Anne Poirier is a freelance journalist turned full-time mom who is raising two kids with her husband in Canada’s Okanagan Valley. She wants to imbue a sense of adventure, fun, creativity and closeness to her family circle, as well as an appreciation for some old-fashioned values, and writes to keep herself sane while tackling such lofty goals.


Watch and listen to author Lori-Anne Poirier reading an excerpt from her new Ebook, Tales of The Mother Load, at the July 2012 Mom Cafe meeting in Kelowna, BC.

Thank you to Cyndee Sapiano of Mom Cafe Okanagan for the opportunity to read and the link to this video.

Official page for the Ebook, Tales of The Mother Load, by Lori-Anne Poirier