The Sassy Saskatoon

“Are these blueberries? Or cranberries,” I queried, knowing they weren’t quite the right colour for either. “They’re Saskatoons berries,” the farmer’s market vender replied. “Saskatoon berries,” I effused. “Saskatoon berries! Well, I’ll buy a carton.” (Just an aside: “Saskatoon berries.” Say it once to yourself. Outloud. “Ssssaskatoooooon.”) Of course, I … Continue reading

Flaking out

I made a terrible mistake. Followed by another. First, I bought Martha Stewart’s new Pie and Tarts book. Then, at my favourite discounter of housewares, a ceramic pie dish. Next thing I knew, all the ingredients for a pie showed up in a grocery bag, and my husband fixed me … Continue reading