The Sassy Saskatoon

“Are these blueberries? Or cranberries,” I queried, knowing they weren’t quite the right colour for either. “They’re Saskatoons berries,” the farmer’s market vender replied. “Saskatoon berries,” I effused. “Saskatoon berries! Well, I’ll buy a carton.” (Just an aside: “Saskatoon berries.” Say it once to yourself. Outloud. “Ssssaskatoooooon.”) Of course, I … Continue reading

A Harbinger of Summer

The Kelowna Farmers’ and Crafters’ Market celebrated the grand opening of its 16th season on Saturday. While we couldn’t make it out for the festivities, we did make sure to stop by today. For the last couple of years, our Wednesday mornings have been defined by the ritual of heading … Continue reading