Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q: So I’ve heard about this 100 for 100, what’s the deal?
A: I am painting 100 original 10 x 10 inch paintings which are available for purchase on this site for $100 each. The project began in July 2011, and I was originally thinking to complete the works by 2012. That was a very ambitious goal juggling my time between family and a full time job. However the deadline was merely a goal to help keep me on task, it’s really more about the process and journey. I invite you to join me on this artistic adventure.

Q: What do you mainly paint with?
A: I enjoy painting primarily with acrylics.

Q: I live in Kelowna and wondered if you have a place to see your work in person?
A: Unfortunately no, I currently do not have a public gallery space or studio where one can view the works in person. If and when I do get such opportunities to display my work, I will post details on my site. The best way to keep up on news is to follow me on Facebook.

Q: I am really hesitant about purchasing online. I am local, is there any other way to purchase one of your 100 works?
A: Though I can assure you PayPal is a safe, convenient method for online purchasing, I do understand concerns some people may have. If you are serious about a particular work, please feel free to contact me and we can discuss it further from there, and see what arrangements can be made.

Q: Your flat rate for shipping and handling is within Canada only, do you ship outside of Canada?
A: Absolutely! I’ve already shipped works to the United States, England and Germany.

Q: What does it cost to ship outside of Canada?
A: It varies, of course, so I recommend either contacting me ahead of purchasing, with your location, and I can then get a quote. Or, if the extra shipping cost won’t effect your decision to purchase, then you can go ahead and purchase the work, and I will find out the shipping cost and invoice the difference through PayPal, and then ship once payment of difference is received.

Q. By the way, what’s with the obsession and significance with Pear Trees?
A. My surname, Poirier, is French for Pear Tree, and so we based our branding around the name.

Q: Ah! Parlez-vous français?
A: Non.

Q: Do you paint on commission?
A: Yes, I am open to commissioned paintings.

Q: So do you take commissions as part of this 100 for 100 lark?
A: With the 100 for 100 series, I am not doing commissions per se, as I don’t want any obligations attached to the works I create. I am simply painting what inspires me. However, I am always open to suggestions. If you like my style of painting, and open to an inspired interpretation of your request, then you are welcome to contact me with your request. If I’m inspired to paint it, I just may, so keep an eye out for it.

Q: What are your plans after you finish all 100 paintings?
A: I plan to continue painting, but move back into larger canvas sizes, revisiting some of the ideas that have developed over the course of this project. However, I also plan to continue exploring smaller scales, which I will showcase and make available to purchase through this site.