Disclaimers and FYI

ART for SALE and SOLD galleries on this site

When I complete a painting, I create a new post for it, using the title of the painting itself. At the same time, it will appear in the “Art for SALE” page, located in the navigation menu at the top of the site, where it will stay until it’s purchased. The “buy now” buttons will be active and ready for a purchaser as soon as the post goes up.

When a buyer clicks the “buy now” button, they will be transferred to PayPal, which will securely handle the transaction from there. Once the purchase is complete, the work automatically moves to the “Art SOLD” category, a SOLD note is added to it, and all purchase options are removed. This ensures that no two buyers can purchase the same work. Works in the “Art SOLD” gallery also act as an archive and are always available to view.


Payment online is handled via PayPal. It is safe, secure, and instant, and once a work is purchased it automatically updates it on the site. This ensures that no two buyers can purchase the same work.

If you are new to PayPal or purchasing online, here is how it works: You will see your invoice from Pear Tree House Productions, with the title of the work you are purchasing, and total amount in Canadian dollars.

Your payment options are: 1) Use your own PayPal account. Or, 2) if you don’t have a PayPal account, you can pay via Visa, Mastercard, etc. PayPal handles most common credit cards. Follow the steps, entering your details to complete the transaction. You are done!

I will then be notified via PayPal of the purchase and that payment has cleared, and will package and ship the painting to you.

Shipping and handling

I package each work with care, and ship to the address supplied to PayPal at time of purchase.

The shipping and handling rates posted on the website are for Canadian addresses. If you are a purchaser outside of Canada, please contact me so I can get a quote to you for shipping and any other associated costs.


If you have any concerns regarding privacy of your information, here is my disclaimer:

Emails when subscribing: I am not collecting emails from those who subscribe to my site. It’s an automated service, and only meant to notify you about new posts/works of art. I will not send out personal spam or messages, nor sell your emails, etc.

Details from PayPal: I am not collecting any of the personal information you supply when purchasing a work and will not distribute or resell it, or use it to spam you. I only need to use your information for sending you the work of art!


Purchase of the painting does not include purchase of copyright. Paintings may not be reproduced in any form without the written permission of the artist. Pretty standard stuff.

ETSY shop

For those familiar with, and prefer to use Etsy, I have begun adding my works to my Etsy shop. You can visit the shop at www.etsy.com/shop/MrPearTreePaintings