A Last Diary, 1918, 2016


Kyle L. Poirier
A Last Diary, 1918, 2016
acrylic and mixed media with shadow box,
10 x 10 inches

Another year has flown by so quickly, and here I am posting about this year’s shadow box donation to the Kelowna Art Gallery’s annual fundraiser, Appetite for Art.

It’s always exciting to be part of this fundraiser and this is the third year I’ve been asked to participate. What I particularly like about it is being one of 20 artists who are given an identical shadow box, which they must incorporate into their piece, other than that, there are no other guidelines and it’s amazing how unique each piece is.

As with the previous two shadow boxes, I continued my tradition (or “series” you could say) of incorporating the theme of books.

The literary inspiration behind the piece was from A Last Diary, by W. N. P. Barbellion, with a preface by A. J. Cummings. Originally published in 1921, though I chose 1918 in the title, which the date of the opening entry in the book itself. There are some layers to the work, and the full title is hidden under the bottom of the typewriter.


The last two sold, and I’m hoping this one finds a new home as well this Saturday night. Proceeds support children’s and educational programs at the Kelowna Art Gallery.