In Search of Books and Time, 2014

Kyle L. Poirier
In Search of Books and Time, 2014
Acrylic and mixed media with shadow box, 9 ¾ x 11 inches

Okay, I have been quiet, but keeping busy. After a great show at the Delta Grand Okanagan Resort and Conference Centre, I took a little time to regroup and get organized for another huge upcoming project in April – Family Vacation! It’s a big one, with the whole family (think the Griswolds) and I’ll be sure to post more about it soon as it will surely influence my future paintings.

In the meantime, I haven’t been completely un-productive over the past couple of months. I finished a new piece for my 100 series, which I will post in the next day or two, and I also worked on something a little different – the shadow box pictured above.

I was asked by the Kelowna Art Gallery to consider being one of twenty artists, to create a unique shadow box work of art for their upcoming annual fundraiser, Appetite for Art. The only rule was to incorporate an 8 x 8 inch wood frame that was supplied. The rest was up to the artist. I chose to continue with my theme of old books, by creating a little painting on a 6 x 6 inch canvas that floats within the box. Thinking outside of the box, I played with the idea of incorporating actual old books somehow. I also ended up making use of some pages as well, finding an appropriate title for the piece from a chapter heading, which appears on the right of the shadow box frame.

This was a fun opportunity. Not only was I honoured about being asked to submit a piece, but it would be part of this special mini-exhibition, consisting of some talented local artists, many of them colleagues, on display for a single night at the event. Each piece will be available to purchase via silent auction.

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to get a good look at each shadow box already, as I photographed and uploaded them on the Kelowna Art Gallery’s website. You can view them all individually here.

Each shadow box is truly as unique as the artist selected to create them.

I’ve also had the opportunity to see all of them hanging together, as I’m helping with the setup for this Saturday night’s event, and with permission, I get to share a couple of sneak peeks!



All these wonderful little works are available to purchase at the event. For more details and ticket information, visit here.