Lutes, harpischords, paintings, oh my!

So once again I have let a week, perhaps two, slip by without any new paintings to show for it. I do, however, have some painting related news to share.

For the past week and a half, my spare (painting) time has been focused on doing graphic design and video editing work for an upcoming concert in Kelowna on November 17, 2012 at Botegga in South East Kelowna. This isn’t your typical concert however, it’s an early music concert to be specific, put on by Early Music Studio. Titled, Music from the Royal Courts of Europe, one will see and hear musicians Susan Adams on harpsichord, and Clive Titmuss on lute, playing works composed by Bach, Weiss and Couperin.

Let me just say this… If you have never had the pleasure to experience Baroque era music, live, played by classically trained professional musicians, on hand-made period instruments, in an intimate and setting (only 75 tickets available), then I highly recommend it.

Now, how does this relate to my paintings you may ask? (and when will I be posting new works?)

Well, I am pleased to announce how honoured I am to have been invited to join Early Music Studio on this fine evening, and display my art during their performance! Yes, thirty-two of my little paintings from my 100 for 100 series will be on display, to accompany the performance, as part of the backdrop on stage and available for the audience to view during intermission and after the show.

If anyone has wanted to see some of my works in person, now’s your chance. I will also be in attendance that evening to talk about my work after the show. I should mention it’s also a chance to see the amazing luthiery skills of Clive Titmuss. The period lutes he builds are amazing works of art.

With the concert just around the corner, and the rate I’ve been producing paintings lately, I need to get cracking on finishing up a few more pieces, as I don’t have thirty-two works in stock at the moment. So expect some new works to be posted very soon.

In the meantime, I invite you to visit Early Music Studio if you are interested in the concert, tickets are extremely reasonable for the intimate performance you will experience. You can check out their promo video below. Perhaps see you at the concert, make sure to say hello!