Hello October Monday

Hello Monday. It’s good to see you, and to be back on my feet, in good health again.

You see, it was Monday, two weeks ago, I posted my latest painting, Booked, first thing in the morning. It was a good morning. A good day. However, by 4:20 pm that same afternoon, I was taken to hospital via ambulance for major abdominal pain. A night spent in emergency and several tests later, I was admitted and waiting to have a laparoscopic cholecystectomy. Removal of my gallbladder. Oh yes, it was sudden, without previous warning, and came out just in time. It was removed Wednesday afternoon. I’ve been recovering since, lost about 17 lbs, but have not had the strength to sit on a stool and get back into painting just yet. For those following my (slow) progress with this project, I hope to get back to the canvas this week.

Hello October. You snuck up fast, but then I missed the last couple of weeks of September.

Hello back-to-work.

Hello 8 mm vintage camera app. My wife recommended I get this app, and I am so glad she did… what fun! I shot some footage of the kids playing dress up yesterday and edited it into a short silent movie I’ve posted for your amusement. Yes, this is a perfect example how I get distracted from painting, being preoccupied with two toddlers.