Butterfly in August, 2012

Kyle L. Poirier, Butterfly in August, 2012
acrylic on canvas, 10 x 10 in.
$100.00 plus $11.00 shipping and handling within Canada.
SOLD! To a very nice person.

Butterfly in August is another Vancouver Aquarium inspired painting. How so you may be wondering? Well, besides the tank and pools of aquatic creatures, there just happens to be a small Amazon rain forest display that you can wander through. As you make your way along the zigzag path in a very hot and humid environment, there are parrots, monkeys, and butterflies everywhere to see!

I held my little girl as we made our way through the display, all the while she held out her hands in hopes a butterfly would land on them.

This painting was worked up by referencing a couple of photos my wife managed to capture of the delicate, little creatures.

While painting, I finally decided to set up the camcorder and record the process, to create a time-lapse, or ‘speed painting’ video, giving a glimpse into the method behind the madness. It was posted yesterday, but I’ve included here again as it felt appropriate to do so.

Watch for more new paintings, and ‘speed painting’ videos coming soon!