Painting to Publishing and Back Again

It has been a whirlwind couple of weeks. Okay, maybe closer to a month now. Anyone who is a parent, already knows what I’m talking about. We have two little tornados constantly spinning circles around us on a daily basis. And what to do with our down time, after kidlets go to sleep, is divided into several choices. Throw house chores and social life out of the equation, that leaves one with their side projects.

My ongoing project, of course, has been working towards completing this series of 100 paintings (even though it’s taking me a while, I’m getting there). However, with the exception of finishing the most recent painting within the past two weeks, most of my free time (usually into the wee hours of the night/morning) has been taken up by assisting my wife launch her first Ebook.

While I’ve been trying to find time to paint, Mrs. Pear Tree has been busy, for some time now, working on her first book, titled Tales of The Mother Load. And since we simply just weren’t busy enough… we thought it would be an adventure to publish it ourselves as an Ebook.

So, after she wrote it, I took on the task of researcher, formatter, cover designer, publisher, and especially over the past week, marketer, a huge task shared by both of us.

The Ebook went live on July 4, 2012, available for purchase on our distributor site, For those not familiar with Smashwords, it acts as your one-stop distribution shop for indie writers. It is also a retail outlet for it’s own products, where you can purchase ebooks by authors who use Smashwords, in any format for any device or PC.

As I said, Smashwords is a distributor, and thus helps authors get their books into the virtual retail stores everyone is familiar with, like Apple, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and many more. It really is a great service for upcoming authors.

You have to do your homework however, and be ready for some meticulous formatting of your future bestseller to be accepted into the premium catalogue. Then the real work begins… marketing. That has been a whole other story.

However, what I am learning from this new project is how the independent writing game shares many similarities with the aspiring artist game I’m already playing. Especially trying to do it all online. And I’ve been enjoying the challenge of getting our work out there on our own. It’s been the result of a great partnership, between my wife and I, where we’ve managed to balance our skills required to make it work, while having fun with it.

While we still juggle our day jobs as graphic designer and full-time mom, we are also fulfilling our dreams, little by little, somehow finding the time to do other things we are passionate about, like painting and writing. And we are doing it together, which is part of the inspiration that keeps us going.

However, even though I now have the continual job of marketing to work on, my main mission is accomplished with regards to the Ebook, and it’s time to get back to the brushes once again!

When I’m done 100 (yes.. .I will finish), maybe I can put my new skills to use again and create my own Ebook? All I can tell you now about it is that I’m not the writer in the family, so it will have to have a lot of pictures.