A Breath of Fresh Air

Well I managed to get my share of fresh air yesterday. Rode to work and back, chalking up another 18 kilometers and hopefully shedding a pound or two in the process. Ate dinner, sitting on the patio, while watching the kids dive into their Turtle pool. Finally, after Thing 1 and Thing 2 went to sleep, I moved the easel outside and finished off the evening with just a little painting time for myself.

Breathe… ahhhh.

It was just perfect out last night. I only wish I had more time, as it became dark rather quickly. However, in that time I managed to make some progress on a new work, inspired by one of our recent adventures from the past couple of sunny weekends.

I enjoy painting outdoors. I like the fresh air. I like to not worry about dripping paint and making a mess. I like the natural light. I also like the challenge of having to pick up the pace, as the paint dries three times as fast, so you have to work faster. It can lead to some happy accidents.

I thought I would share a couple of photos Mrs. Peartree took for posterity. I also shot an Instagram of the work in progress, after I had finished a little more of the water.

So, tonight, I plan on enjoying another wonderful evening in my little backyard, and finishing this painting.

Watch for the finished painting tomorrow. In the meantime, I still don’t have a title, any suggestions?

Written by Kyle L. Poirier
Photos by Lori-Anne Poirier