Hello Monday Story

Hello Monday, and hello halfway mark!

I remember when I first started this project, with a pile of blank canvases stacked to the ceiling, I sat wondering what each may eventually become. After recently completing my 50th painting in this series of 100, I thought it would be interesting to create a graphic where I could view all the paintings together and reflect on what I’ve accomplished so far, and where I am going.

And the more I am looking at them all together, the more I simply see stories.

For example, the Violin Study in Sienna minor story began as a whimsical still life of my wife’s violin. Now, her violin has it’s own amusing story, purchased from an old man who was the first and original owner of the instrument. It traveled to Korea and later was even involved in a postal mix-up with a box of grapefruits, while en-route from England to Canada. The painting itself marked the beginning of a more relaxed style I continued in most of the works that followed as I was still finding my way with this project. The story concluded when the work was purchased as a gift for a music teacher that was being honoured by the school he worked for.

Then there is Sundown One and Sundown Two. Two paintings where I wanted to capture the withering stage in the life cycle of the quintessential sunflower. Their story continued when they found a new home in the sunflower state of Kansas. Ironic innit?

The story of the Apple Box went full circle as it was originally inspired by a box of fresh apples from a friend’s orchard here in town, and ended up in the home of another orchardist and art appreciator.

Many of the paintings have a little background story posted with them. One of my favourite aspects of this project so far–which is a chapter itself in the story of my painting adventures–has been watching the stories unfold for each work after the last brush stroke has spoken.

With fifty more paintings, there’s many more stories waiting to unfold.

–Kyle L. Poirier