Refocus, revisit

Last night, I decided to take a slightly different direction with my 100 paintings… again. So, I have put all unfinished works and ideas on hold, for the next ten paintings at least, as I slowly approach the half way mark with this 100 for 100 project.

Rather than using subjects around me, I’ve begun drawing inspiration from different places I’ve travelled to in the past and this will be a little bit of a theme with the next few works. There will be a focus on more architectural subjects, linear compositions and some landscape settings I want to try to play with. The style will be similar to what I’ve been doing recently, but not restricted to it. I am curious how the works will grow and evolve, and excited to revisit these locales in my mind.

If I can’t get overseas in person at the moment, this is the next best thing.

I hope to have a productive evening tonight, and post a new work tomorrow. I trust the wonderful Shrove Tuesday pancake dinner my wife and kids have planned will kick-start the creative juices. Lots of maple syrup and coffee will also help.