Hello Monday Blast from the Past

Hello blast from the past! I was greeted by an interesting email at the office this morning from a co-worker. She has a cousin who lives in Oregon, who spotted one of the apple bins from the Kelowna Art Gallery Apple Bin Paint-In and posted a photo on Facebook. My co-worker then passed it around the office.

The email was an interesting surprise first thing on a Monday morning. First of all, we were all amazed to see one of our apple bins had somehow managed to make it all the way to Oregon. Even more surprising was recognizing the bin once I saw the photo, it was my work! I painted a couple of sides on this as a promo bin in 2007! Too funny.

Hello new paintings-in-progress. After a long a break, I’m glad to get back into gear and create again. New painting will be posted tomorrow, watch for it!

Hello Dragon’s Den (Canada). My new favourite show. How did I miss this the past six years? Oh yeah, no cable TV and busy with kids. Thank goodness for CBC.ca however, and lots of catching up to do.

Hello penultimate cup of coffee. For Christmas, my wife bought me one of those special tumblers from Starbucks that gives you brewed coffee refills the entire month of January! Oh yes, it’s true, and it’s been a wonderful month. Alas it all ends tomorrow. Sniff.

Hello Lisa Leonard and Hello Monday link up. Check out Lisa’s site and share the love to enter her giveaway for a delightful cake topper!

Hello Mrs. Peartree!

Hello visitors! What are you saying hello to today?