Hello Monday!

Hello start of a busy week before our upcoming members’ exhibition opening reception and Holiday Open House, this Friday, at the Kelowna Art Gallery. Above photo: my little submission, On the Path Too, next to some great works by my colleagues at the office.

Hello to new and returning visitors! Thank you for following this journey to 100 paintings with me and for your interest in my work. Please feel free to comment anytime and say hello, critique a painting or make a suggestion for a painting you would like to see.

Hello to the realization that 2012 is only 33 days away! With the silly season upon us, I will be continuing to paint the next few weeks as I find the time, but will be completing this 100 for 100 project early in the New Year.

Oh my! Hello little stitchy-head. You certainly kept us busy last night. All is well now, and on the mend. We will have some memorable holiday family photos to share this year, starting with this one!

Hello special, secret painting project, codename: Big60… more information on you will be revealed in ten days for someone very special.

Hello again Monday link-up with Lisa Leonard. If anyone is looking for some wonderful jewelry gifts for the holidays, check out her site!

Hello Mrs. Pear Tree’s Hello Monday, and her new Instagram discovery.

What are you saying hello to today?