Sundown One, 2011

Kyle L. Poirier, Sundown One, 2011
acrylic on canvas, 10 x 10 in.
$100.00 plus $11.00 shipping and handling within Canada.
SOLD! To a very nice person.

A few weeks ago we received a pleasant surprise at our front door–a bundle of large sunflowers. They have been greeting us and our guests since. You can see them on Mrs. Peartree’s post a couple of weeks ago. They were the inspiration behind the next couple of paintings tonight.

I immediately went out and began sketching from them after we set them up. Looking for details I wanted to incorporate into a painting, I ended up working on two canvases. What I particularly liked about these sunflowers were the fact they were starting to wither. Most of the brilliant yellow petals were gone. The leaves all hung low. If I was to paint the quintessential sunflower, I thought this was the most interesting stage in it’s life cycle to capture.

So, after letting the initial paintings sit for a few weeks, I began working on them again tonight. I finished them both. Recovering from a cold this past weekend, I was feeling a little moody and decided I wanted to bring a hint of that out in the works. It helped painting while listening to the orchestrated compositions of Hans Zimmer and vocalist Lisa Gerrard, from the Gladiator soundtrack, and others.

I called them Sundown One and Sundown Two.