Trick or Peek!

Last week was a productive one. Having some vacation time off from my day job, I not only managed to keep my promise to Mrs. Peartree and finally repair the wood trim on our couch (four short years later), and set up Oliver’s new big-boy bed which required a complete rearrangement of his room, but I also began twelve new paintings–four of which I completed and posted.

Up to now, I would work on a couple of paintings on and off, but usually start and finish each one in a sitting or two. With that extra time I had to paint however, I kept getting distracted from one work to the next. New objects, places or themes kept inspiring me, and so I would start a new work, take a little time to mull over it, but then something new would pull me away. In the case of two of the works in the photo above, I abandoned previous unfinished paintings I was working on, and repainted the new ideas as I had them.

So, I thought in lieu of posting a new completed painting tonight, I would instead give you a peek of some unfinished works in progress. The trick now is to keep focused this week, and finish what I started. And if you are wondering how the trim turned out, as you can see, the couch is all back together and looking as good as new, and I hope we don’t see any chew marks from the rug-rat anytime soon.