Donation Diversion

This past week, I’ve been on a grape kick. It began with Heard it Through the Grapevine, and then yesterday I posted my most recent painting in my 100 for 100 project, Grape Expectations. Both proved popular, and both found a home to be displayed in and enjoyed.

While the 100 for 100 has been my primary painting focus, I have been contemplating ideas for a work I previously promised to create and donate to the Kelowna Art Gallery for their upcoming annual fundraiser, Seeing Red & White.

With the deadline looming, and after starring at a blank canvas for several minutes in the early evening, it finally hit me, more grapes!

And so the initial sketch began, with a wash of burnt umber. Given the larger scale of the work, I used a variety of much larger brushes than what I’ve been working with recently, and was able to loosen up much more with my brush strokes. I worked through the overall composition, leaves, branches and grapes. Swirl after swirl, everything began to take shape. Providing a soundtrack to this work were the ambient rhythms of Soma FM’s Groove Salad.


Finally, after spending my entire evening – okay, and perhaps an hour or so into the early morning – at the easel, I stepped back and decided it was finally complete. However, I wish I could say the same about working through this grape phase. Now that I see the work on a larger canvas, I ask myself: How much more bold and fun would the linear, compositional, and colourful elements be on an even larger canvas?

– Photos and text by Kyle L. Poirier