Monster (Ducati study), 2011

Kyle L. Poirier, Monster (Ducati study), 2011
acrylic on canvas, 10 x 10 in.
$100.00 Free shipping and handling until December 12, 2011.
SOLD! To a very nice person.

A little study of a friend’s Ducati Monster marks the tenth work in my 100 for 100 series. Only ninety more to go! Besides not finding as much time as I would like to paint, I have been enjoying the process immensely with the time I do find, immersing myself into each work for a few hours at night and emerging with a satisfied sense of completion after getting ideas and images out of my head and onto canvas.

Most importantly, I’ve been having fun with it!

Stylistically, one of the things I am discovering about myself with these car or bike works is wanting to have a more organic feel of the shadows juxtaposed to the more linear forms of the bike itself – an element I will experiment with more on the next vehicle painting.