Fishing for ideas

With the very best of intentions, I set out this past week to paint up a storm. But since completing Old School, I’ve been kept busy the with the unfolding of life, and haven’t touched a brush since Monday.

I did, however, think about painting. In fact, I’m always fishing for ideas and inspiration throughout my day. And tonight, I caught one!

I was attending a function for staff and the board of directors of the gallery. At this get together, we once again all worked on a collaborative work of art… a little etching.

You see, this is the third or fourth time the staff and board of directors have collaborated on such a unique piece. One of our board members brought the plate, prepared to be etched, and each staff and board member added a little something to it. Whether or not we consider ourselves artists, we all take part and express ourselves in some unique way. It’s a great team and moral booster, but it also serves another purpose.

The plate will be prepared and prints run, and the finished work will be auctioned off, along with other donated artworks, including a piece I will be submitting, at our annual fundraising event, Seeing Red & White.

I was asked to kick-start the artmaking tonight, and so, after some thought, I went with a fish motif. The title and theme of the work was Elevation, so I envisioned koi, floating out of the water, spiraling around one another.

What I created on a whim, however, grew into a larger painting in my head as the evening progressed. I took a snap of it (see above) with my less-than-wonderful phone camera, and so, I will be creating a version of this initial idea as one of my 100 for 100 series. Watch for the painting coming soon!

– Kyle L .Poirier