The canvas

“Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint you can on it.”

– Danny Kaye

The photo to the left is the view looking upstairs from our entrance, towards our main floor. The ceiling height is nine feet, and as you can see, that’s not high enough to stack all 100 canvases. The Westie trying to steal the scene is our daft bundle of mischief, Maisy.

The canvas of choice for this project: 10 x 10 inch triple-primed, 11oz pre-stretched canvas, back-wrapped on 1-1/2 inch deep stretcher bars. Nice little canvases I have to say. The size was chosen not only for the numerical significance equating to 100, but to me, it simply feels like a comfortable size to work with, and a comfortable size to hang just about anywhere. I tried to think about how I would hang one, or several, myself. They are a manageable size to fit those small corners or pillars in a small home like mine, or one could group them together for those larger wall spaces.

However the real selling point for me is the 1-1/2 inch depth. They can hang without frames and appear to have some weight to them. I just love that.