Book Club Touring: Everyone’s Welcome and it’s Never the Same

You never know who you might meet at the Okanagan Regional Library’s Kelowna branch book club. Being a public, or open club, there are usually a few newcomers mixed in with the regulars. “Sometimes they come because they love the book, sometimes because they’re new in town,” said Fern Teleglow, … Continue reading

Book Club Touring: One Part Book, One Part Party

The night The Pear Tree crashed February’s featured book club, it was only the group’s third meeting, and the members were still learning each other’s names. But when the conversation got going, talking about the book of the month, it flowed and meandered the way it does between old friends. … Continue reading

Book Club Touring: A Long History of Bonding Over Books

They’ve been through marriages, births, divorces, deaths, grandchildren and menopause together. They’ve laughed, they’ve cried, they’ve eaten and reminisced. And they’ve read. Countless books. When Nancy Crouchman started her book club 33 years ago, she never imagined how long it would last – or the richness it would bring to … Continue reading