A Handmade Christmas

I’m a sucker for gifts. Big gifts, little gifts, expensive gifts and those of the it’s-the-thought-that-counts variety. So, several years ago, when my brother and sister and I had become our own respective units and when the next generation had started to emerge, we had that inevitable discussion about keeping … Continue reading

Switch it Up

Show homes are great – always stylish and enviably tidy – but there’s inevitably something that’s missing. You can call it the heart or call it the soul of a room. We sum it up to personalization. A home should have something about it that makes it distinctively yours. Whether … Continue reading

On a Roll

What is it about spring that makes us want to scurry about, cleaning and reorganizing our homes? Perhaps it’s the fresh wash of sunlight that inspires us to clean away the mundaneness of winter. It lights up the corners and puts a spotlight on the dust and cobwebs that have … Continue reading

Flame in a Teacup

Many years ago, perhaps – but my memory so far back is far from precise – during my university days, my mother passed along a teacup to me which quickly became a favourite. The bottom calls it “Sunshine,” by J&G Meakin, England. The bowl and saucer have hand painted (I … Continue reading