Wrapped in Tradition

When Marie Hasper – my grandma – was a little girl, she used to sneak out of bed at night, on those special occasions when her mother made beet rolls, and sneak one… or two, or sometimes three… to nibble on in bed. Sometimes she was egged on by her … Continue reading

One a Penny, Two a Penny…

It doesn’t occur often that the astronomical and ecclesiastical moons line up. When it does, however, a few things happen. First everyone stands around confused, wondering why I care and why I think anyone else should. Next, both Western and Orthodox Easter meet on some of the same dates as … Continue reading

Lemon Tea Cup Chiffon

A couple of years ago, prior to a trip I was taking to England, my mother decided to educate me on the ins and outs of shopping for secondhand tea cups. Her hope was that I would unearth some treasure for her in one of the markets or shops along … Continue reading

Currying Flavour

There’s a little restaurant sandwiched in an artsy corner of Kelowna that, among other lunchtime savouries, serves the most marvy butternut squash soup this side of the pumpkin patch. As comfort food goes, it’s Diazepam in a bowl. It’s coming home on a freezing January afternoon to find Mom standing … Continue reading

A Cookie Cutter Christmas

The calendar strikes December 1st. And with the brightest of holiday intentions, a bit of amnesia, and dreams of white-frosted Christmas cookies that sparkle with silver nonpareils, we buy a 20kg package of cane sugar. As it happens in the Okanagan, this is often the day of the first snow. … Continue reading