Patio Love

I love having a patio. Especially on days like today, when you can’t get the kids in bed fast enough (bless them, but you know what I’m talking about, right?), the house looks like it was hit by a hurricane (or worse, two tiny but busy little people) and the … Continue reading

Bought: Baby Doll Cradle

This morning I popped into the Women’s Emergency Shelter Thrift Shop on Lawrence Avenue, downtown in Kelowna, on a treasure hunting expedition. I hadn’t even gotten all the way through the door when my eyes fell on this little beauty. It’s a wooden, swinging cradle – presumably hand made, in … Continue reading

Under Cover

This spring and early summer in the Okanagan (and other, more far distant places I’ve read about) can hardly be described as balmy. Not so much gloriously sunny as one might hope. In fact, it’s been wet. And while it’s certainly not the rainiest June in memory (does anyone remember … Continue reading


Near the end of last year, I was invited to join a ’25 Club.’ Have you ever heard of one? It’s a social club – or group (it’s pretty informal) – with a mandate to gather once a month to socialize. But there’s a twist, and this is the clincher: … Continue reading

A Summer’s Day

Here in the Okanagan we claim to celebrate four seasons, but in truth it’s more like two – winter and summer. The weather usually stays so mild through the autumn months that if the leaves didn’t change colour you might not know that summer is passed. And no sooner does … Continue reading

Brunch Out in the Orchard

It’s a little bit off the beaten path, tucked, as it is, away up in the orchards of East Kelowna. But if there’s a time when a leisurely country ramble to visit The Ridge Restaurant is really a must, it’s Mother’s Day – when the pace of mom’s day should … Continue reading

A Month for Mothers

I inherited from my mother my dark hair, my love of reading, a sense of independence and a bit of a stubborn streak. And in my three short years of being a mother myself, I can see that most of these characteristics are already being passed down to my son … Continue reading