Switch it Up

Show homes are great – always stylish and enviably tidy – but there’s inevitably something that’s missing. You can call it the heart or call it the soul of a room. We sum it up to personalization. A home should have something about it that makes it distinctively yours. Whether … Continue reading

A Month for Mothers

I inherited from my mother my dark hair, my love of reading, a sense of independence and a bit of a stubborn streak. And in my three short years of being a mother myself, I can see that most of these characteristics are already being passed down to my son … Continue reading

On a Roll

What is it about spring that makes us want to scurry about, cleaning and reorganizing our homes? Perhaps it’s the fresh wash of sunlight that inspires us to clean away the mundaneness of winter. It lights up the corners and puts a spotlight on the dust and cobwebs that have … Continue reading

One a Penny, Two a Penny…

It doesn’t occur often that the astronomical and ecclesiastical moons line up. When it does, however, a few things happen. First everyone stands around confused, wondering why I care and why I think anyone else should. Next, both Western and Orthodox Easter meet on some of the same dates as … Continue reading

Flame in a Teacup

Many years ago, perhaps – but my memory so far back is far from precise – during my university days, my mother passed along a teacup to me which quickly became a favourite. The bottom calls it “Sunshine,” by J&G Meakin, England. The bowl and saucer have hand painted (I … Continue reading

Lemon Tea Cup Chiffon

A couple of years ago, prior to a trip I was taking to England, my mother decided to educate me on the ins and outs of shopping for secondhand tea cups. Her hope was that I would unearth some treasure for her in one of the markets or shops along … Continue reading

Jazz in a Tea Cup

When jazz singer Anna Jacyszyn launched the Jazz Café in the Kelowna Community Theatre’s Black Box Theatre a year ago, she wanted to evoke the atmosphere of an old-time speakeasy from the 1920s. To help with the illusion, she amassed a large collection of tea cups to serve drinks in … Continue reading

Pretty as a Picture

Walk through the downtown of most European cities and villages, and the scenes in store windows will make it difficult to resist ducking into shop after shop. Whether they’ve created a look that is quaint or avant garde, those shop owners – or the window dressers they hire – know … Continue reading

Pick a Card

“Plush velvet, lush berries, red ribbons and bows and all my love I here enclose.” – G.S. Enter any greeting card store the morning of February 14 and you’re sure to see a large handful of people – sons, daughters, husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends – picking up a last minute … Continue reading

Currying Flavour

There’s a little restaurant sandwiched in an artsy corner of Kelowna that, among other lunchtime savouries, serves the most marvy butternut squash soup this side of the pumpkin patch. As comfort food goes, it’s Diazepam in a bowl. It’s coming home on a freezing January afternoon to find Mom standing … Continue reading

A Winter Ramble

“In winter in the woods alone against the trees I go … … I link a line of shadowy tracks across the tinted snow.” – Robert Frost It is so tempting to hunker down on winter days that don’t require us to be somewhere. A hot drink, a favourite book … Continue reading

Home for Christmas

“Gentle, at home,/ amid my friends I’ll be/ Like the high leaves/ Upon the holly tree.” – Godey’s Lady’s Book, 1890 While it’s admittedly tempting to visit warmer reaches at this time of year, and hardly uncommon for families to dispense with gift-giving in exchange for a holiday Christmas in … Continue reading

A Cookie Cutter Christmas

The calendar strikes December 1st. And with the brightest of holiday intentions, a bit of amnesia, and dreams of white-frosted Christmas cookies that sparkle with silver nonpareils, we buy a 20kg package of cane sugar. As it happens in the Okanagan, this is often the day of the first snow. … Continue reading

Christmas Dreaming

There was Christmas bling for her and Bing (as in Crosby) for him when Martin Lofts on 700 Martin Avenue in Kelowna opened up two decorated apartments for the Rotary Centre for the Arts’ annual Homes for the Holidays fundraising tour. Tammy Cunningham, from Centre Stage Interior Decorating, and her … Continue reading