en plein air

We are big fans of turn of the 20th C educator Charlotte Mason, at the Pear Tree Skool. She was a slightly older contemporary of Maria Montessori, who believed that a child’s education should be experiential, immersive and alive. While I wouldn’t say we’re hard-core Charlotte Mason, I do like to borrow from her … Continue reading

household maths

Here at The Pear Tree Skool we use RightStart Mathematics for our maths curriculum. It’s based on the Asian style of learning about numbers and it’s done wonders for my own understanding of this terrifying fascinating subject. But there are other outcomes involved that we like to approach in a more practical … Continue reading

Here’s to You, Raise Your Glass for Everyone

Around the time my kids were really becoming aware that Christmas was on its way – Costco had been loaded with holiday paraphernalia for months, advertisements for the top toys of 2013 was were arriving daily and the Christmas lists were already as big as they were – something happened. … Continue reading

The Sassy Saskatoon

“Are these blueberries? Or cranberries,” I queried, knowing they weren’t quite the right colour for either. “They’re Saskatoons berries,” the farmer’s market vender replied. “Saskatoon berries,” I effused. “Saskatoon berries! Well, I’ll buy a carton.” (Just an aside: “Saskatoon berries.” Say it once to yourself. Outloud. “Ssssaskatoooooon.”) Of course, I … Continue reading