that time of the term


And this is where the desire to blog about homeschooling is overshadowed by the need to actually, ahem, homeschool the bright young things.

I just survived another portfolio deadline.

There are many ways to homeschool. The way we have chosen to do it is actually less “homeschool” and more “home learning.” Or distance learning. We register each year with Heritage Christian Online School and work with an assigned teacher to make sure that all of our provincially mandated outcomes are covered. It helps me to feel more confident, and less pressured, since I am an instructor and our support teacher is the, well, teacher. She makes the grades, based on the reports I send her and the work samples I submit. Aside from the scramble three times a year, of getting all the work organized and copied and sorted and sent in, I quite like this way of doing it.


But things do get a bit chaotic around here as the end of term approaches. I focus on gathering samples and typing out every possible outcome. The dining room table is papered in work. Ditto the computer desk, and kitchen island. And I slack in other household duties. And, oh yeah, the kids totally take advantage of my preoccupation and haul out every available toy to fill the bare spots of the house.


So after that week (or so) of neglect, I feel like I have about two weeks of catch-up. Anyone out there relate????

I’m in the catch-up stage, now, after handing in what I hope appeared to be an organized, professional and tidy (give-or-take a few coffee stains) portfolio. But I thought I’d divert myself for just a moment and explain to all my myriad fans out there 😉 why I have been absent as of late.

And also, since the two happy learners are tucked away nicely in co-op just now (more on that in a later post) I thought I could take just a moment to breathe, relax and celebrate another mini-milestone. I know I, for one, need to remember to do that more often.

So here’s to getting’er done!


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  1. Yes, I know the feeling. It’s such a relief when I make it over the “term reporting” hurdle and I always promise to be better organized “next time”… But alas! Our DL is using Freshgrade for reporting this year and I must say that I am enjoying it much more. It’s photo based which is right up my alley!

    I hope the last learning term goes smoothly for you and your family!

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