colouring in the lines


So that cold that’s been going around? It finally caught up to us. We’re sniffly/stuffy/sinusy/coughy and just that little bit irritable today and I think, as fat flakes of snow drift down YET AGAIN (!) that we’re just going to lie low today.

We’ll do some basics – language arts, maths, music – and then just kind of take it easy. I, for one, plan to devote some time to the cool, little colouring book I got for Christmas.


I’ve been a bit slow catching on to the adult colouring phenomena. I’ve admired it from afar, but didn’t actually feel motivated enough to pick up my kids’ pencil crayons and put colour to page. For one thing, I’m not exactly an artist – I leave that department to Mr. Pear Tree. But it also felt like a little, tiny, hinty bit of a waste of time, when there are so many other things I could catch up on that are way more productive.


I still plead an artistic handicap, but have to admit that there really is something therapeutic moving the pencil across the page, letting the colours take your imagination away for just a few minutes.


Have you tried an adult colouring book yet?


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  1. Sadly, the cities colouring book I’ve been working on just isn’t doing it for me. I get tired of colouring rooftops. I think I’m ready to step out of the lines and create my own pictures now.

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