keeping the home fires burning


When I first moved into our home, so many moons ago, I remember thinking that some of the features that came with the place were superfluous luxuries. Three bathrooms, for example. The kitchen island. And the little gas fireplace in the corner of our dining room. Now, if we ever move, all those features will top the must-have list.


It didn’t take me long to find great enjoyment in our petite fireplace. Not just because it’s delicious to warm up to when, baby, it’s cold outside, but because I love, love, LOVE to style that elegant, white mantelshelf. I change it up every few months for a fresh, new look.

After packing away all the jolly that adorned it over Christmas, I felt like going for a more sophisticated, winter-inspired look. For those hunkered down evenings. A hint of cozy library.


The little white lamp was a hand-me-down from my sister, the clock was my grandmother’s and the star was a Christmas gift. The rest of the stuff – books, ink bottles and blotter, have been kicking around simply for ever. And the paper chain is a remnant of Christmas… 2014, that is. I liked it so much I haven’t been able to take it down yet. Maybe next time I switch it up.

I hope you do something simple this winter that makes your heart happy.

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