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My kids are big fans of the Adventures in Odyssey series. If you haven’t encountered it before, it’s a radio drama-style program for kids, but with Bible messages. Anyway, a regular feature of each episode is the Imagination Station. From what I can make out, it’s some kind computerized, gadgety, time machine that makes your imagination take you to places that offer a moral lesson. In one episode, a character who comes back to visit and help make a commercial, credits the invention for encouraging him to use his imagination to think independently and problem-solve.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have our own Imagination Station, I thought. Hey, why couldn’t we? It doesn’t have to be complicated. Just a spot to think creatively, without pressure or demands or any particular structure. So I got to work, and turned our former homeschool table, which looked like this…


…into something more inspiring. Like this…


It makes me feel more inspired, anyway, and if I have to look at it in my living room, I prefer if it can contribute to the overall aesthetic.

But here’s how the Imagination Station works. It’s quite simple, really. I set up a little sign…


… And then I set up a simple activity. It might be blocks one week, or teeny, tiny mosaic tiles the next…


Puzzles, paper scraps, twist ties, stamps and pipe cleaners have all made an appearance. Mostly, the things I bring out are things that haven’t been looked at or played with for a loooooong time, interest having long since waned. But when they are brought out, only a week at a time, and spun as the Imagination Station feature, they are seen with new eyes. And, ummm, imagination.


I don’t know how life changing and inspiring it will turn out to be, but it does keep the kids quiet and engaged for a few minutes at a time. So that I can blog about it. How’s that for win-win?

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