back to blogging???


After another extended break from posting, I made a resolution (it’s just taken a few weeks to kick in) to get back on this here old blog.

I’m going easy on myself, this time. I have no aspirations to be any sort of celebrity blogger. I will likely not impact the world. And while a few readers might be nice, but I think the point of it this go round is just to utilize this outlet of expression.

Instead of the (sometimes) long, feature-length stories, I am giving myself 15 minutes a day – just 15 minutes – to post something. It might not be long, it may not even be (gasp) informative, although hopefully the latter will come as I get back into the swing of things. But the point, for now, is to get back in the habit of writing. For myself. Fifteen minutes a day. Because I was once a writer but now struggle to splash a few comprehensible words on a page.

Wish me luck – given my past track record I will probably need it!


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  1. Yay, so happy you’re back! Love ya.

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