mother’s day cards

Homemade Mother's Day cards

Mother’s Day. The time of year when children in schools are gently coached by teachers to craft a heart-felt gift for Dear Ole’ Mum.

It’s a somewhat awkward occasion when you’re homeschooling. “Now, Sweetie Darlings, it’s time to make presents. For me. Knock yourselves out!”

I’m also not the kind of person who thinks affection should be presented on particular days that society (or greeting card and chocolate companies) designates for us.

However, I do want my children to grow up being thoughtful, and creative in the way they express their feelings. And so, even though I’d be totally fine with a hug and a kiss and some time spent together, I’m using Mother’s Day as an excuse to work some Card Making 101 into our school day. Not just for me – they also have two grandmas and a great-grandmother to think about.

photo 1

I thought we’d take a scrap-booky approach to our cards this time. Because what kid doesn’t love snipping paper into all kinds of little bits? And slathering glue all over it to paste it. On the table. On their hands. On other bits of paper. And, yes, some eventually made it onto the card.

I also want to teach them that $7 for a pretty piece of folded paper that gets thrown away in a couple of days (because there’s no one in the world who has enough room to keep every greeting card) is not good value.

photo 4

Such fun!

photo 2

Most of the paper we used were bits and scraps I’ve collected from past art projects. But I also recently got a massive pad of Recollections (brand) paper from Michael’s for about $12 (I think it was). It will last us YEARS. Buttons from our vast collection were also made useful.

photo 3

The sentiments, though, were straight from the heart.

Homemade Mother's Day cards

And, just between us mums, the best part of taking the helm in the kid-crafting process: No glitter-macaroni-encrusted picture frames!

– Mrs. Pear Tree xxxxx


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  1. Elaine Phillips

    Gosh – so those glitter-macaroni-encrusted picture frames were not just a South African craft? Seems classy projects like that are universal! 😉

    Happy Mother’s Day, lovely Mrs Pear Tree – and to your mom(s) and grandma, too!

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