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The Okanagan Lavender Herb Farm in Kelowna manufactures products from the plants they grow.

Yesterday morning we had the luxury of whiling away several hours at the Okanagan Lavender Herb Farm on Takla Road in South Kelowna.

I wrote, previously, about the local, outdoor attraction, here. I can’t believe that was coming up to five years ago! At the time, the garden was about to expand their facilities (pictured above) with a new boutique, café, learning centre, and garden features.

I’ve been back several times since then but this visit was a special one – an end of year field trip for kids from the weekly co-op class Oliver and Amélie attend throughout the school year, for social studies and science.

The Lavender and Herb Farm is a great place to learn about science (especially botany – all kinds of flowers and herbs, not just lavender, are grown there – ecology and entomology, the study of insects) and social studies (the area was previously a heritage orchard planted by one of Kelowna’s founding families).

Some of the tantalizing products in the gift shop at the Okanagan Lavender Herb Farm in Kelowna, B.C. I'll take on of everything!

For myself, I appreciate the Business 101 class: how to turn a pretty garden into a successful enterprise, complete with products you manufacture yourself. Of course, I had to bring several of them home!

Playing tag was a favourite thing when our homeschool co-op group visited the Okanagan Lavender Herb Farm in Kelowna for the last field trip of the year.

There are lots of kid-friendly features at the garden, including this (above) cedar maze. The boys had a little bit too much fun scaring the girls, and then playing tag among the tall foliage.

A wishing tree at the Okanagan Lavender Herb Farm in Kelowna. My wish was to live in a place just like this!

There’s also a “Wishing Tree” that wasn’t there before the expansion. There are long strips of plastic to write a wish on and then tie to the metal frame inside the decorative fencing. My wish was to have my own garden like this someday!

A kids' corner at the Okanagan Lavender Herb Farm in Kelowna, B.C. Doing laundry is such a novelty when you get to fetch the water yourself AND use an old-fashioned wash board.

An old-fashioned wash board on a homeschool field trip to the Okanagan Lavender Herb Farm.

The girls loved collecting water from a barrel and washing clothes the old-fashioned way before hanging them on a line to dry. If only their chores at home could be met with the same degree of enthusiasm!

Four pretty posies, taking in the view at the Okanagan Lavender Herb Farm during a homeschool field trip.

Everything they did – even just standing at the edge of the little pond – was picturesque.

The view at the Okanagan Lavender Herb Farm in Kelowna, B.C.

But then, everything in the garden – with or without a gaggle of pretty girls – is nothing if not picturesque. In addition to tag in the cedar maze and laundry in the kids corner, the kids participated in a scavenger hunt, searching the garden for secret plaques featuring a relief of garden creatures to be collected by way of rubbings.

Looking into the kitchen from the gift shop at the Okanagan Lavender Herb Farm.

At the end, we stopped by the Small Bites Café for some lavender lemonade and lavender ice cream. Here’s a sneak peek into the kitchen, through a window in the gift shop.

Sweet, creamy, lavender-flavoured ice cream at the Okanagan Lavender Herb Farm.

I was half way through my ice cream before I remembered to take a picture! It was sooooo good. Just a little hint of pungent lavender essence mixed into the sweet, creamy treat. I’m definitely going to try making this at home this summer!

… Or I may just have to head back, for more of everything.

– Mrs. Pear Tree xxxxx



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