kindness balls

Kindness Balls, rewarding kids for acts of kindness. Whenever they do something nice for someone they get to take one from the big jar and add it to their little jar. When it's full, they get a treat!

We’ve been having some pretty fractious days, lately. Too much together time, I think. Too much sitting at a table completing the last few pages of maths when the green grass outside is calling. The result is a lot more poking, taunting, teasing and general irritability over being in each other’s presence. I get it. I had two siblings of my own growing up, and I know it is completely natural. But, as the mum and headmaster of the Pear Tree Skool, it’s still not really okay.

So, to change gears a bit, I thought I’d introduce Kindness Balls.

A jar full of Kindness Balls. Every act of kindness moves a ball from the big jar to a child's personal jar.

Everything we needed – one big jar, two smaller jars and a bunch of tiny pom-poms balls – we picked up at our neighbourhood Dollar Store. The stickers, to decorate the jars, we already had, in a seemingly bottomless sticker box.

We personalized our jars with tonnes of stickers to help with the buy-in of the Kindness Balls they will collect.

Now, whenever one does something nice for for the other, they can help themselves to a pom-pom to put in their own jar. When their jar is full, they’ll get a little treat as a reward.

Every act of kindness deserves a Kindness Ball. Big Brother helps himself after doing something nice for Little Sister.

I don’t expect that to happen too quickly – it takes about 200 of the little balls to fill a jar!

That said, they’ve gotten onboard in a big way. Big Brother made Little Sister’s bed this morning, cleared her table after breakfast and put away some of her toys. She returned the favour by making his bed, and picking up some of his clothes.

The acts of kindness started almost immediately after the big jar of Kindness Balls was introduced. What a change in attitude!

So the Kindness balls have started to accumulate.

And the mood around here has dramatically improved, already. Funny how looking out for someone else instead of yourself can do that. This could be quite a fun summer if it keeps up!

– Mrs. Pear Tree xxxxx


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