it’s all fun and games until the grades are due


This is my dining room table right now. Dinner is supposed to be in just over an hour, but I’m still cranking through papers, photographing the best work of my two busy students. Evidence, to our Heritage Christian Online School support teacher that we haven’t been having too much fun. We do get our work done between pottering around the garden and painting out in the park.

You see, I’m not actually a homeschool teacher. I’m actually a home educator, or instructor. The work my kids do gets sent on to a certified teacher to be awarded a grade. She makes sure we’re crossing our ‘t’s’ and dotting our ‘i’s’ and fulfilling all the prescribed outcomes.

We do this every term, before report cards. It’s crazy.

But a good opportunity for the kids to learn to entertain themselves. Can’t wait until they can cook dinner! Guess I’d better skibble off and get that started… I think we’ll be eating alfresco tonight!

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