how does my garden grow?

photo 1

Well, our portfolios are complete and handed in and it’s time to turn our focus to other, more relaxing occupations while we wait for our final grades to be released.

We’ve been adding to our micro-garden.

After years of talk, Mr. Pear Tree has taken the plunge and purchased our first tomato plant. It’s a Mountain Glory variety that grows to about four feet or so (so it won’t dominate our little space), and should be rife with succulent, fist-sized tomatoes by August.

photo 5

Here is the proud gardener transplanting the little shoot into its new home.

Do you say “tomAto” or “tomaaaahto?” I prefer the latter. More fun.

photo 4

Yeah, that crazy, floral spade is a Dollar Store purchase. We’ll invest in more impressive tools after we prove we can kinda, sort of, maybe, possibly do this gardening thing.

We also picked up a rather handsome basil plant (you say “basil,” I say “bahzle”).

photo 3

I’ve already used it twice, in a scrumptious homemade spaghetti sauce.

And, finally, one of our new little rose bushes is pushing out some buds, which I predict will be in full bloom in the next couple of days. Still no sign from the other two rose bushes.

photo 2

I don’t even know if they’re the same variety. They’re all about the same size and, to my untrained eye, look pretty much identical. But we’ll see if once they bloom.

In the meantime, I’ve found a great idea for using the garden as an extension of the classroom during mathematics. Because how fun is that?! Any excuse to get outside, right? Check out this post on PBS Parents.

Happy gardening!

Mrs. Pear Tree xxxxx

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