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Here at The Pear Tree Skool we use RightStart Mathematics for our maths curriculum. It’s based on the Asian style of learning about numbers and it’s done wonders for my own understanding of this terrifying fascinating subject.

But there are other outcomes involved that we like to approach in a more practical – or perhaps it’s a hidden learning – style. Where we push ourselves away from the desk and venture into other parts of the house (or sometimes out of doors) for our lesson.

Today, we fulfilled the following two outcomes:

“Sort 3-D objects using a single attribute”


“Use direct comparison to compare two objects based on a single attribute such as length (height), mass (weight), and volume (capacity).”

We sorted and folded socks.

In the process, we also worked on hand-eye coordination, using fine motor skills, learning to take pride in a job well-done. Oh, and we turned the experience into a how-to speech opportunity. Watch and learn:

How to fold a

The best part, though, for me, was whittling down the mountain of laundry that has been accumulating. And a little mommy/daughter time. For me, that’s the best outcome of all.



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  1. Good job – both of you!

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