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I’m doing a new twist on The Pleated Poppy’s What I Wore Wednesday theme. Instead of showing you what I wore ON Wednesday, I’m showing you, on Wednesday, what I wore… at some random point in the previous week. Because sometimes, when Wednesday comes around, I don’t actually want you to see what I’m wearing. Or at least not on this blog. It’s not always, shall we say, worthy. Thus the dearth of WIWW posts.

But I did like my pumpkin patch outfit, from earlier this week, as much for its simplicity as its homey stylishness. Perfect for hanging with the fam at the pumpkin patch.

wiww 02

Most of what I’m sporting here is so old it’s hardly worth crediting, but here goes: ribbed mock turtleneck, Gap (about eight years ago); t-skirt (what I call a skirt made from t-shirt fabric), Gap (last summer); leggings, I don’t even remember where they came from because I think I got them before the dinosaurs walked the earth; rubber boots, Joe (about three years ago); rustic wool wrap, quaint little shop in Broadway, England (about 18 years ago).

One of the many reasons I’m so glad fall is here? I love layers and bundles of clothing and wrapping up and getting cozy.

What are you wearing now?


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  1. My photo of WIWW would not be fit to print. Looking good Mrs. Pear Tree!

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