What I Did Last Summer

summer 01

We never went anywhere far distant; we never did anything “big.” But, in retrospect, our summer was full of the simple kind of specialness that comes from lots of small adventures with people you enjoy.

As I look back over some of the pictures we took, I see a lot of “quintessential” in our summer.

summer 05

Such as flying high on a swing, feeling like you can almost touch the sky with your toes…

summer 06

summer 07

Cold, creamy ice cream on a hot, sticky day…

summer 11

Spending an afternoon water logging one’s self at the lake…

summer 08

Long, leisurely kayak rides that leave your arms feeling the good kind of tired…

summer 09

Riding the waves at twilight…

summer 03

Skipping rocks (or just glunking them), down by the creek…

summer 02

Morning-long bike rides down winding, dirt roads…

summer 13

And, finally, capturing and bottling the flavour of summer to enjoy when the heat, the freedom and the carefree-ness that only summer can give, is gone. I know I will taste this beautiful simplicity every time I crack open a jar and use the peaches – on my morning oatmeal, or in a bowl with a dollop of yogurt, or mixed into a smoothie.

Oh, there was lots I would have loved to do and just couldn’t squeeze in: a European-style picnic (baguettes, cheese, crystal glasses, the works, in a really stylish picnic basket), a camping trip, a visit to the seaside, a visit to some place new. But, overall, I’d say it was one pretty-close-to-perfect summer.

What makes a quintessential summer for you, and how much did you get to check off your seasonal bucket list this year?

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