The Pear Tree Skool is Now in Session

Happy Back to School 2013-14

We do not have, as some of the more enviable homeschools, do, a specially dedicated room for our school work, outfitted with floor to ceiling built-ins, superfluous wall space for over-sized maps or entire chalkboard walls or pretty much anything that defines, for me, rockin’ the homeschool world.

We have a child-sized table in our living room, squeezed between piano and couch where a proper coffee table might otherwise go, and, on the other side of the house (which is really only steps away) a dining room hutch that I recently transformed into Pear Tree Home Skool Central.


school room 06


school room 01

Did you catch the difference? I know, it’s subtle, but took me the better part of an afternoon to create. Let’s have a close look at the “after” pic:

school house 02

I admit, it’s not much, but since we have have to incorporate our school into our regular living part of the house, I tried to do it as tastefully as possible. So that I can bear looking at it even on a Sunday morning when the last thing I want to think about is teaching or learning. Or anything besides my own, selfish pursuits.

Can I show you the inside? Not because it will inspire you to immediately run out and emulate the look, or even pin it to Pinterest to re-create later. Just because I’m so pleased with how neat and organized it is and just HAD to capture the moment for posterity because by late next week things will probably be stuffed in there higgledy-piggledy and I won’t be able to find a thing.

school room 03

A basket of rubber stamps and ink, loose-leaf and coloured paper, notebooks for doodling or whatever and other, more teacherly resources.

school room 04

Another basket, for craft supplies, colouring books, a play money jar, and treasure box full or stickers as rewards.

I just love starting school. Shopping for school supplies, everything new and full of potential, finding little homes and uses for everything… Sorry, does that sound shallow? I do like learning, too, of course.

Someday, I hope I have one of those school rooms. If you don’t know what I mean, check my Pinterest “Homeschool” board.

In the meantime, though, anywhere I get to crack a book open to do some learning with these two…

school room 07

… is just fine with me!


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  1. Yeah, it’s so true. The pleasures of that first-week-of-school, perfectly-organised classroom are truly incomparable!

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