Mr. Pear Tree at The Cat

Cat show 01

What? You mean I haven’t told you? (Oh, that’s right, I haven’t been blogging much AGAIN!) Mr. Pear Tree has had his art – selections of his 100 for 100 project – hanging at The Marmalade Cat Coffee Shop this month. About three dozen of his 100×100 inch series are currently gracing the walls of the busy hub in Kelowna’s Mission.

Cat show 02


And, this is the most important part for those of you who actually live in our general vicinity: Mr. Pear Tree is ending the show with a “meet the artist” event this Sunday, 29 September, from 2-4 p.m. Why, yes, you ARE invited!

Cat show 03

For those that have been following the (currently) two-year-old project, this is the first time the works have been on show. Otherwise, they’ve only been available to view online. Which, for some of us, is not quite the same as seeing them in person.

To help commemorate the event, the Marmalade Cat is offering a special of a free dessert with the purchase of two specialty drinks (up to a value of $6).

Cat show 04

The works will come down the following Thursday and will once again be viewable only online – or after purchasing 😉

And then? Well, then the plan is to add some more paintings to the collection. There are still about 30 more to go before Mr. Pear Tree reaches that magical 100.

Don’t forget to follow him on his Facebook page, or click over to his site to keep up on all the goings on.

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