A Birthday Tea

We recently celebrated Thing 2’s fourth birthday – a most auspicious year, as far as I’m concerned because it’s like they become “real” children without even a hint of toddler or baby left (bitter sweet).

To celebrate the milestone, we threw a little girl’s tea party, complete with fancy hats and proper cups.

Is there anything sweeter (or is it just me?) than little girls in over-sized hats, practicing their still-developing airs and graces?







Little boys, too, since Thing 1 wanted to get in on the action, as well, with a fedora-style hat.

I was so impressed at the manners and politeness of everyone present, who ranged in age from two to six, which can be, shall we say, active years?

After arriving, the kids had a chance to socialize (read: explore) before sitting down for a bit of millinery. Each had their own hat to decorate with ribbons and bows. When everyone was properly equipped, we each made a fancy paper pinwheel (with copious amounts of help from the moms!).

Then came tea time, with china cups I had picked up from area thrift stores. Each got to choose their own cup, then sit down for sandwiches, vegetables for dipping, chocolate chip cookies and then cake.

A Victoria cake seemed most appropriate, with lashings of whipped cream in the middle.

Some of the moms got into the mood, too!

After a little bit of free play outside, we put on the tea party scene from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland for the kids to see, and thanked them profusely for exercising better manners!

When they were finished, they came back to the table to find their party favours waiting for them…

Their own, china tea cup filled with stickers, a bottle of bubbles, a pretty bow for their hair, and a couple of Double Loliys. And a hand-crafted hat and pinwheel.

I don’t know who had more fun – them, or me.


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  1. Cute…but you put those of us who go the Cookie Monster/My Little Pony route to shame!

  2. I just wish I was of that age with an invite 🙂

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