It’s an old tradition. One that doesn’t seem to be practiced much these days. What with time crunches, not to mention the high cost of gas…

But recently the Pear Tree clan indulged in the art of the Sunday Drive.

Of course we had to do it in style, so we parked our usual SUV transportation and pulled out our get-away car (no, seriously, it was Mr. Pear Tree’s and my wedding get-away car, which we almost never treat ourselves to).


A 1971 Jaguar XJ6, this poor kitty spends 99.9 per cent of the time caged away in our garage. But boy, when you fire her up, you should here her purr.

We piled the kids in the back…

It was their first time riding in the old beast, and they were quite taken with the novelty of it.

I was pretty chuffed myself, I must admit. I love the feeling of driving along in this wide, low riding vehicle. It feels kind of like driving a cloud. But more elegant.

As much fun as it is turning heads in traffic, though, it was simply maaaaahrvelous to trundle around the back country roads of Kelowna, wind blowing in our hair, exclaiming over stunning vistas and dreaming about little cottages tucked into orchards.

Forget about the car for a minute – an aimless afternoon drive is a tradition that must be revived – if not as a weekly ritual, at least a couple of times a year.

Where would you like to roam around on four wheels one afternoon?

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