What He Wore Wednesday

Funny thing about being a mother: It seems I put more effort into dressing my kids most days than myself. And I have way more fun shopping for them than for me, a) because they’re so much cuter and b) you can buy so much more for the price of one adult article of clothing.

So today I thought I’d profile my son’s look instead of my own.

This morning we went down to a local pond to do some turtle hunting for a photo shoot with a photographer friend, Glenda Quiring. She is making a childhood-themed calendar for a fundraiser that will help children at an orphanage in Tanzania. My two kids will be June.

I can’t wait to see what she got, but in the meantime I whipped out my cell phone a couple of times to capture some fun memories.

It didn’t take much hunting to find this little baby turtle, right on the edge of the water.

Here’s what Oliver wore for the expedition: blue shirt, Tommy Hilfiger; khaki trousers, Children’s Place; flip flops, Joe.

Such a good look for just being a boy. Then again, perhaps I’m partial.

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