Decisions, Decisions

So Pear Tree peeps, I have a dilemma. I have been collecting Aeroplan air miles for some time, now, and am about to loose them if I don’t use them by the end of the year. I’ve got enough to get me almost anywhere on mainland North America (probably not Mexico, though), and, yes, the travel bug is itching!

I wish I had enough to travel further afield (Europe, anyone?), but at this point that’s just not meant to be.

I’ve been all down the west coast of Canada and the United States, and am not interested in using my miles for somewhere I’ve already been. I’d really like to explore further East. St. John’s, Newfoundland, for example, or maybe New York.

Part of me wants to just close my eyes and point my finger over somewhere in North America, and just go, but I don’t know if I’m really that brave or adventurous.

So I’m asking you, faithful readers, for some direction. I know you hail from diverse places, and many of you are well-travelled. Where do you recommend? I’m open to ideas, but should point out that I prefer the arts, architecture, cool coffee shops, book stores and history to shopping. And no resorts, please.

Where is someplace that’s stayed with you, that you would like to go back to; that you would recommend?

Because I really don’t want to use those hard-earned miles on merchandise I don’t particularly crave…

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  1. New York City. Never been but is on my “must see” places. Because of your interest in the arts, architecture, history, book stores, etc. then it’s a definite must-see for you too. San Fran is nice too (not as touristy as NYC though), and doesn’t one of our friends live close by? Oh! Boston is lovely too!

  2. Washington DC – has the best drinking-coffee-at-tables-on-the-sidewalk culture of any American city I’ve been in, and also has wonderful, world-class art and museums (mostly free) – plus outstanding music and some very good theatre. Oh, and Wendy and I, and a bunch of Newbold people are here, and it’s within easy reach of Baltimore and the Shenandoah Valley as well.

  3. I have always wanted to visit Newfoundland myself so I’d pick that one for sure. New York was wonderful but accommodations for a week will cost you twice what a regular plane ticket cost. Then again in NFLD you’d need to rent a car to see much of the province….decisions, decisions. Montreal and/or Quebec City are also good options. oooh….PEI…..went there for three days on a visit to the Maritimes…way too short!!! Do you have a fondness for Anne Shirley?

  4. A trip alone? No kids? No hubs?


  5. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Come to Florida and SEE ME!!!!! I will be there starting around the 3rd week of July for 3 weeks. And I say BRING THE KIDS! Bring Mr. P.T. Bring it ON!

    O.K. To be fair, Florida has very few redeeming qualities, especially of the sort you clearly crave. I can’t lie. But I don’t care how many books you read to those babies, you NEEEEEED to experience Walt Disney World with them while they are little. You won’t regret it, I PROMISE. I GET the whole “corporate corruption” whatever blah blah blah, but Disney is excellent for children. It is just that simple so shut up already and get down there while YOUR BEST-FRIEND-THAT-IS will be down there, too. I will remind you that I have been to Kelowna THREE TIMES, wench. GET ON THE PLANE. YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO.


    If I were to be unselfish for one second, then I would have to go with David on this one. Washington D.C., seriously, is flat-out magical. If I lived in the USA, I would live in D.C. David didn’t even go for the hard sell: the museums are (and I NEVER use this word) AWESOME. Nearly everything there is to do in DC is free, free, free, and just the National Gallery of Art alone is worth the visit (top tip: eat in their cafeteria, although the National History Museum has a great one, too). And while we’re talking food, the Native American Museum has a food court not arranged by type of food, but by TRIBE, for goodness’ sake. AWE-SOME. Even the TRAIN STATION in Washington is awesome. I only wish Peter were coming to America this summer with me so that I could jet off for a few days and meet you up there.

    Oh yeah, and you can walk everywhere in DC, by the way, AND they have a subway which is something like 10,000 times cheaper than the Underground.

    If it’s just you, go to DC. If it’s a whole bunch o’ Pears, get your butt down to Orlando forthwith.

  6. Definitely the Maritimes – I love Nova Scotia – gorgeous architecture, history, colour (great for photographers like you) and the people are amazing. Plus it is such a fun and safe place. I traveled alone there after a conference and have the best memories.
    I’ve also been to Moncton and Charlottetown and both are awesome too.

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