What I Wore Wednesday

I’ve been watching What I Wore Wednesday submissions over on The Pleated Poppy and Lisa Leonard’s blog for some time now, but have demurred at posting my own because, well, a) I haven’t been blogging (blush) and b) I figured no one would be interested in my low-maintenance wardrobe. But two things have helped me change my mind. 1) If I’m going to blog every day, which I’m going to try to do, I’m going to need to get creative with my ideas and 2) it’s just for fun, so why not?

So before you even get to think it yourself I’m going to put it out there: I’m not a super model. I’m not trying to be a super model. And I know my hair is in between styles right now – I haven’t decided if I’m letting it grow or just procrastinating shelling out $40 plus tip for a trim. But moving on…

Today’s ensemble is what I call the “get up early and rush your homeschooled kid to co-op class, trying to look somewhat normal, unhurried and unharried in the process” look. (I can’t believe people have to live this every single weekday morning throughout the school year!!)

Floor-length, navy t-dress, Joe; white tank top, Joe; black workout jacket tied jauntily around the waist, Joe.

I’ve also been sporting a rather flashy pair of purple flip-flops that are, you guessed it, peeps: Joe.

So that’s what I’m wearing. How about you?




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  1. Elaine Phillips

    (Off the record, in my eyes you’re a super model. I think you’re lovely. Outside and in. Moving on.)

    It’s been raining here, off and on, in between being really hot for May, so I’m wearing a sleeveless lacey light purple cottony shirt over a sage green tank top and my favourite blue button-up jeans.

    And I, for one, am thrilled beyond words to read that you’ll be blogging more, L-A! Do what you can, when you want to…. I’ll be here.

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