What I Wore Wednesday

Okay, I’m just going to put this out there. It was one of those days. Or rather, one of THOSE days. Bad hair day. Woken up to early and then, horror of horrors, THE COFFEE’S ALL GONE!!!!

Things were not starting off well and the most appropriate outfit for the day, if we’re matching mood to look, would be a pair of yoga pants rescued from the bottom of the laundry pile with a shirt sporting remnants of yesterdays supper.

But I can’t join The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday in that!

So I thought, after pondering way to long over the matter, and here’s what I decided: Turn this day around. Be bigger and better than the whinging voice in your head.

So I pulled out a flirty little scarf that was gifted to me at least a decade ago but remains forever in fashion in my heart. I grabbed a white, summery skirt (Gap), thumbing my nose at the brooding clouds above as I did so, and threw on a basic, maroon-coloured T (Joe), and voila.

I look like an almost got-her-stuff-together mum. Almost. Those tell-tale strings of bangs hint otherwise, but who likes complete perfection anyway? No this Pear Tree House!

I actually felt somewhat jaunty as I threw on my new suede Jessica (Sears) Mary Janes and headed out to the farmers’ market with Thing 1 and Thing 2.

Turned out it wasn’t such a bad day, after all.

What perks you up when you feel on the edge of one of THOSE days (don’t say coffee – I already know!)

P.S. Thanks Mr. Pear Tree, for the use of your lovely studio as a backdrop!

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  1. The farmers market is up and going again?

  2. Elaine Phillips

    Jaunty is right. You put the ador- back in adorable, Mrs. P. (Love the book, too.) Thanks for blogging; you know it makes my day to see Pear Tree mail, right?

    Rainy-day hugs from across the Rockies,
    the other Mrs. P

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